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Online Doings! (A new Facebook + Youtube goodies)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 2:00 AM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

So before I start yet another day of stressing over writing my final thesis, I figured I would update you guys on what I have been doing online! (seeing as I have not had time to sow or go on a shoot myself boo boo)

I made a FACEBOOK page. Le gasp I know, but after being asked quite a lot about me having one, I figured it was time to give in!

Here is the link, if you guys wanna go like it or something…

It's not like you have to or anything, b-baka! *Tsundere on*

I like filming and editing cosplay promos, and I have yet to share the TWO I got to work with!

Esther Blanchett by ChikaraDesu

the Red Queen & Lechat by KelevarCosplay & :devMillupigen:

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Genki and con-free fall!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 10:09 AM
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy 13
  • Eating: SOON PASTA YOU AND ME. Eyeing you across the room.
  • Drinking: Water
Join now!NoelxSerah

So before I drag my butt to the kitchen and feed myself I wanted to update you on my cosplay laifu!

GenkiCon 2013
Well. I must admit I have had funnier cons than this one! Ok DesuCon is always a though act to follow, because I just so love me some Norwegians, but still! The location was just not my cup of tea... Too little hall space, things being awkwardly placed... It was so late in August the Danish weather had started to go really shitty, so a lot of flash rain (ofc the con cannot help this, it just gets problematic when a 100 people rush inside in a semi small hallway through ONE door) - and the one time I brought food on the con, the rice was WAY under cooked :C and who uses loose rice for Japanese curry? *le horrified*
ok ok but besides my inner Japanese school girl VS loose rice and the bottle neck hallways, the con was nice!

I preformed on stage with :iconkamirenee: as a human!Kyubey and her as Ultimate Madoka. She was SO pretty and I am glad people seemed to like my version of Kyubey as well! (it was inspired by a fanart, will find the source soon!)

Sunday I tried entering the craftmanship/NCC qualifier, just for the experience. I have always wanted to know how it was and stuff. So I had to be there semi early considering where I bunked, and I did not remember how effing long it takes to tie Mirka's ribbons, so I might have gotten just a tiny bit stressy at :iconkamirenee: and almost teary at :iconxshinjix: who helped tie some of the ribbons.
Waiting in the hall before going in (and they were like 10 minutes late so I DID make it in time haha) the lovely :iconmillupigen: helped me pretty up the ribbons! And I also noticed my butterfly pendant was missing, so my hero grandchild :iconkamirenee: had to come running with it haha!
I am SUCH an organized cosplayer!
But besides all of these things that ALMOST went wrong, I got the biggest surprise of my cosplaying life. Somehow I managed to place 3rd in the competition eg. I qualified for going to the NCC! So surreal! I had no idea Mirka was 'good' enough for qualifying! (also pics of her will be up soon I promise!!)
I will so far be going with the lovely :iconshadowfox-cosplay: and the amazingly talented (and super duper cutie) :iconyaydei:, and cannot wait to see who will be the last Dane on our team!!
I am slowly trying to decide who to make for NCC, I will return once I figured that out!

Other life stuff:
I am going to start writing my BA thesis in Japanese Studies, so I kinda have to time manage my cosplays in-between study breaks. But seeing as I have already made patterns for the stage cosplay I will be doing at J-popcon, it should be doable! 
I will also be trying to do Crista from Attack on Titan and Rin Matsuoka in his ending Arabian outfit during this fall (and maybe a certain cool guy from a certain BL game that is totally DRAMATICAL if I have the funds) 

And that is pretty much it for me...  Hope to spam you guys with more cosplay photos soon! :heart:

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 27, 2013, 1:25 AM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

Hey guys!

So much have gone down since I last had a quiet moment to sit down and write!

I managed to get another A in my Japanese exam, and are now officially done with my language courses. So... that means I should be able to speak Japanese... FUUUU
So after a beer and the most horrible salad I ever had, I rushed to the airport and arrived in Oslo at around 6 where :iconkamirenee: picked me up on the station :heart:

The con was AWESOME as ALWAYS. Hands down my favorite con of my con year. Everybody is just so nice, and I am always amazed by the high level of even hall cosplayers. Norway wai u b so amazung??
LoveMoustache Pro went on stage, with the newest addition :iconchikaradesu: as the leading lady! Considering everything, the act went really good!

Sunday I debuted my Judar (pictures yet to come, but SOON), and I was more pleased with it than I thought I would be. It was kinda hard going from the pink wonder cookie to Judar, so my makeup was too girly imo, but I had tons of fun wearing him still. Cannot wait to wear him for Genki :heart:

Some days after coming home from Desucon, I went to Italy for 10 days with my family. Pretty chill, no internet, loads of sun. Short highlights: got a tan, got a lot of food, 791 steps down to the beach, got to sail on a boat, on said boat ride family swam into a steam of jellyfish and got burned bad, I got away with a My Little Pony burn.
There was a bunch of problems going down there with our plane and my sister's bag, but I managed to handle it all like a proper adult! (we traveled alone)
But this trip was so what I needed!

The day after I got back, it was to move my entire room to the North, because I just moved in with my best bro ever :iconchikaradesu:!  Still working on getting settled and all, but it is slowly coming along! (not like my job hunting, boo. But at some point, I SHALL BE A WORKING GIRL)
I am also working on some cosplays for the final convention in my Danish con year here in August. (so if I get a job in time, I am so going to Expo because... like, con year ending in August?? Nope :C) 
Genki line up will be up later :heart:

Super quick overlook of my past month, where I decided everything just HAD to happen haha.

- Mie Rose

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DesuCon8 in Oslo!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 27, 2013, 8:25 AM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

So taking a SUPER short break from cramming some Murakami into my head before my final exam tomorrow!
These last couple of months has been either SUPER uneventful or super stressed haha!
Tomorrow I have my final Japanese exam EVER (might get more if I take a master degree though...) and last Monday I had my history exam. Passed the History paper + oral defense with as flying as the colours can get, oh yea! So let's see how tomorrow will be... hoping just to pass FUUUU

And then after exam (and celebratory beer, I am a Dane after all) I will rush to the airport to go to DesuCon this Saturday and Sunday with :iconawacko:, :iconchikaradesu:, :iconzuum:, :iconhayesgeneration:, :iconzarsu: + boyfriendddd and ofc my beloved :iconkamirenee:
I cannot wait!
Line up for the weekend:
Saturday: Mirka Fortuna  [Trinity Blood]
Sunday: Judar/Judal [Magi]

Saturday I will be in a Trinity Blood group preforming on stage, just to show how Danes do shows! And after that we will do a Cosplay Skits 101 panel. So excited!
I am not 100% satisfied with Judar (or even 100% done with him syyysh) but none the less I look forward to wearing him!

Sooooo IF you are a DesuCon, you should so come and say hi to either the baby pink nightmare or half naked asshat, because... I like Norwegian people a lot >D you're all babus. 

Ok now back to cramming, and then packing (sorta along the lines of cramming too)

(Hopefully) see you at DesuCon!

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Finally getting down to it.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 10:35 AM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

I was tagged AGES ago by both :iconawacko: and :iconkamirenee:, and now I finally have some time to actually do the tag!

(and both con feels and blogpost will be up during next week I hope)

--- The rules ---
Screw the rules. Im so late all my friends are already tagged and stuff. If you see this and really want to answer my questions, you can answer.

--- 10 random things about me: ---
★. I burn food rather quickly, and I do not notice it, so I can be a pain to hang around with at eating times.
★. I know what I want as a tattoo, but I just do not want one.
★. What motivates me the most to work out, is what costumes I am doing.
★. I tend to eat a lot of the same thing for a long period of time.
★. I am currently drafting out some art for a universe I have been working on in my mind for over a year.
★. I miss reading for fun and not for an assignment.
★. I love cooking and trying new things without a recipe, just a picture from Tumblr is fine.
★. I never like my cosplays a 100%,
★. I am actually rather insecure about all I do, but I am working on my confidence a lot though.
★. One of my smaller dreams is to work as a Go Go dancer.

:iconawacko:'s questions:
★. Playstation or Xbox?
★. Favorite dish you can make yourself?
Bacon pancakes.
★. If you could go somewhere abroad with 3 people, where would you go and with whom?
I would go to Japan with :iconkamirenee:, :iconchikaradesu: and :iconzuum:. Or go on a road trip in USA con hopping with the same people.
★. Which fictional place would you like to visit: Middle Earth, Skyrim, Westeros?
Left my heart in Middle Earth.  
★. Favorite mystical animal?
A mother fucking Dragon.
★. Would you like to preform solo or in a group?
Group 8D
★. One of your dream cosplays?
Sakuyamon from Digimon…
★. Is there a cosplay you want to make, but can't for some reason (not money)?
Hmm... Maybe Benten from Zone-00 in an artwork version I like, but that depend on how much Drag stuff I learn.
★. And if so, why can't you make it?
I have boobs, and Benden only wears a kimono around his hips :C
★. CMV or photoshoot?
CMV I think... I just like moving and stuff haha.

:iconkamirenee:'s questions: (you poo for using x's)
✖ What is just above your monitor?
Blank space and Graffiti Bunny postcards.
✖ Cake or Pie?
✖ What sort of pants do you prefer - why?
Jeggings, because I just cannot be asked to deal with a zipper now.
✖ What is your top 3 "Celebrities that needs to be on my body"?
Koda Kumi (durh)
Katherine Moennig
Christian Bale
✖ Would you rather live in luxury at a boring place, or barely making it in a really interesting place?
Survivor style all the way, because I do stupid things when I am bored.
✖ Your ultimate ship? (Or one of them, because you probably have a lot)
✖ Which cosplay are you sick and tired of seeing (conventions/online)?
(sorryallofmyfriendsBUT) Jack Frost.
✖ One type of fabric that always manage to sneak itself into your cosplay?
Gold fabric I think... Or Party Satin.
✖ A cosplay that you haven't set a date for, but is going to happen?
Everythin Sailor Senshi haha
✖ Your favorite part to make in a cosplay?
Circle skirts I think... Just because I love wearing them!!

My 10 Questions:
★. If you could choose one skill you already know to perfect, what would it be?
★. Biggest pet peeve when it comes to a costume?
★. One thing you think you're really good at in regards to your hobby.
★. Do you tend to skip a meal?
★. What is your biggest dream in regards of your hobby?
★. One place you do not ever want to go.
★. Who is your biggest inspiration online?
★. What is your favorite book?
★. Where do you find inspiration?
★. And where would you go to get help with a project?

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Mirka Fortuna WIP

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 5:54 AM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

Finally back in the sowing game!
So I celebrated by starting on Mirka Fortuna the start of this month.
If you want to follow the progress, then check out my cosplay blog!

Other news: Jpopcon is this weekend!  I am so excited! Though I bumped Artemis (YJ) for Shego (KP), because it would just be super duper cold wearing Artemis :C And I just need one red tshirt for Takashi (HOTD), and just minor styling of Jaibo (LHC), all in good time!

And yes, I am aware I was tagged, will do them later :heart:

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Future Cosplay Plans!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 20, 2013, 5:56 AM
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Join now!NoelxSerah


Yes, I am not dead.
Everything over here just is not geared towards me being active with making cosplays or finishing anything I start to draw over here :C

I now shall bring you a blog post about my 2012 cosplay year, and what you can expect from 2013!
I hope you will all enjoy the plans I have, and remember to follow my cosplay blog if you want updates! (I promise, I shall be better with the small WIP posts in the future)
This is also where you can see ALL my FULL photoshoot sets in the future. So follow ok? Because, then I would get so happy. Desu.………………

What is my life? The one of a shut in. Finals next week. And I am going home in less than 20 days. Everything is moving too fast right now :C

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A little update.

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 6:41 PM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

So now I have been in Japan for roughly two weeks, just started on my third. Unfortunately this will mean I am away from my cosplays and my cosplay pictures, so my DA will upload wise be a little dead, but I will still comment, answer messages and all that other jazz though!

If you want to follow a little of my life in Japan, you can go to  my everyday blog or go to my brad new and shiny Vlog channel, where I update regularly with videos about my stay and the trips I make!……………

Hope you will enjoy a little peak into what I do and how my whole stay is :heart:

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One more time Mephisto?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 10:43 AM
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Genki 2012!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 21, 2012, 12:37 PM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

So another convention has passed, and that will be the last before I go to Japan :heart: (but thanks to a new J-popcon date I will not miss any of the danish cons when I am in le Nippon).


My con started Thursday when I went to my love KamiRenee's place, because I was sleeping there for the whole convention. We worked a little on the last odd bits I missed and then went to bed early because the poor thing had to go to school before it was con time.

Friday we got up rather early, but I still manged to lay around just looking at Kami getting ready for an hour or more... Woops. Well when she went to school and got smarter, I fixed the rest of the missing extra details on Serah (like rubber bands in the top of the leg things. THIS MADE THE COSTUME SO MUCH EASIER TO WEAR), and I also went shopping for Kami like the good waifu I am :heart:
After all the cosplay making and shopping, I got into my new cosplay Camille from Nemo in Slumberlad. Wearing this dress was SO much fun. It is the first time I felt that elegant in a costume, and Kami was the best Nemo I ever could wish for :heart:
At the convention we got recognized quite a lot! It really surprised me, I though nobody would really approach us or take our picture XD;

We're BEING here. by KamiRenee

AND this day I met a girl (00Hypernation who has apparently... idk how to say this but followed my cosplays and god, she was so sweet! She cosplayed Korra and she had made Bolin and Mako for her friend and boyfriend! And in only three weeks or so! They were so good and really cute all three of them. I am so impressed with her. Making cosplays for other people is something that scares the hell out of me XD
We went home rather early (around 9) because the day after was the big cosplay day!

Saturday we got up early and I got into my new Mephisto cosplay. It was SO amazing to be him and hear the feed back. I was so worried I would fail as him because, let's face it, I am not the manliest of girls... But the make up gods were happy that day so I got some decent crossplay make up done and the beard helped quite a lot too! So I felt really good as him, even though the first thing I did in full costume was getting a HUGE black strain on one of my legs. Nice one there me, you go girl.
It was unbearably hot that day! But still, beautiful people around me made it all worth it :heart: AND I MET SOME MAGI COSPLAYERS AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL, SWEET AS SUGAR AND  I LOVE THEM TO BITS! (and I need their DA if they have one)
I saw the cosplay show, and I was actually positively surprised. It is not the biggest acts that goes to Genki because there is not a 'big' going to another country prize involved I think. But there was a lot of fun acts (if you understood Danish) and I was impressed with most of them. I know a lot of people is like "the standards were SO low lalala" but hey, it is not a ECG or a WCS qualifier, and we cannot have epic happen on stage at EVERY convention. /minor rage
After the show me and my loveliest went to the car to change into our secret costumes! She had made a human version of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, and got me to join as Hiccup because she already had a wig we could use for him. It was nicer to wear than expected, and people apparently really liked us, so I was really happy 8D
After some hours of dragon fun and dinner at le MacD, we changed into some party clothes for the rave. I must say I was disappointed with it, as it was at the start really bad house music, and I do like house actually. I heard it got better with some Gangnam style but at that point I would rather be with my babu sis Flybike. We went home WAY too late and a little tipsy, and straight to bed.

Sunday was the big Final Fantasy XIII-2 day :heart: I love to be Serah despite of everything  (will come later), and hayesgeneration joined as Maqui! He is so handsome as Maqui, and Kami is just sex on legs as Noel. What more can a girl ask for? :heart: Sunday was really chill and basically we just goofed around with our friends... Yeah, I really do not go to panels and stuff at cons... IDK why I pay XD

The only down side to Genki was that I felt so darn insecure when cosplaying a girl. I was/am a very little bit in a mood where I really think I look boring and plain. Costume wise I was also really insecure about my craft and I just felt like I did not fit any of the characters I was supposed to be. And on top of that I strained my hip so I could not work out up to Genki so I felt a little flabby too :C BUT all that is almost gone now :heart: People were so sweet with compliments to my costumes and the craft (a lot of people asked me why the hell I did not sign up for the competition, that means a lot to me :heart: ), and Kami just said all the right things to make me feel like a real beauty :heart: - and my friends also said so nice things I start to feel a little more confident in myself again!

The Future
So what will I be doing next? Now that the con year has ended for me. Well here is a list:
- Burai Sachiko from Tokyo Girls Destruction (will buy most of her in Japan lol)
- Aladdin from Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
- Marika Fortuna from Trinity Blood in her empress impostor outfit.
- Kitty Pryde from X-Men Evolution in the X-suit.

And then a lot of minor 'would be nice' to do, but they will not be included in this list. These are the ones I will most certainly make next year!

Some of my cosplays has gotten their very own promos on this channel… made by Zuum & KamiRenee.

Madame Red…

Gian Carlo…

Serah (pre bag and new boots)…

Wig Cap Tutorial (aka how my voice sounds for those who wonder)…

And later there will be a GenkiCon video, where I filmed some of the clips that will be used too :heart: SO CHECK IT OUT. COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!
Be Mustache :heart:

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 1:47 PM
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Join now!NoelxSerah

Well, updating a journal, what is that?

So finally I got some time to update here, while waiting for different things to dry.

At SVScon I debuted my Artemis (Young Justice if you have to ask) costume together with some of my best friends. We were a group of me, my best bro' ChikaraDesu as Fem!Kid Flash (SPITFIRE FEELS), aWacko as Red Arrow and Easter-Centaur as Fem!Super Boy/Angry Salsa.
I am glad over the way she turned out, but I need to find another solution for the wig and the belts though... But the lovely KelevarCosplay took some pictures of it! So here is just a link to one of them:… and the rest of them and all her other convention shoots can be found here:

After SVScon, it was time for my favorite con of the year: DESUCON IN OSLO <3
We were a big group of me, my girl KamiRenee, Zuum, hayesgeneration, Mirazie and afflaf. It was just pure awesome, and I had so much fun being Serah! I am right now working on a new pair of boots for her, and making her bag. Hopefully I will get some proper pictures of her next convention (Genki in about two weeks). Sunday was just casual so I wore Shego a bit untill my feet died.
At Desu I met so many new friends and got closer to some I met last year. It was an amazing experience and I really cannot wait to go next year if my lovely will go with me :heart: (and I do not have finals)

So now what does my life look like? I am putting the finishing touches to Mephisto in his True Cross uniform, and I must say I am quite proud of myself. I am also close to being done with Camille from Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland and I am working on Serah's bag also. I just got some new boots for her today so I hope to start on them just after I finish the bag (tomorrow if I work really hard). And then I have a secret cosplay I have yet to start on... But oh well, compared to Mephisto it is a walk in the park, and I made Mepphy in around a week, so I have plenty of time.

Other news than that, my mother just brought me a plane ticket to Japan the 10th of September, with a return date on the 6th of February. I am SO excited and a little scared, but it will be fun! I got a new computer and a really good camera so I can blog and vlog from the land of animu :heart:

LAST THING: I want to say a deep felt thank you to everybody who has giving me a watch, it truly means the world to me! I mean... having people actually enjoying the costumes I make seems so surreal, and I really do not know how to properly thank you all!

Now I shall leave you, and go eat a cookie.

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So a meme thing is going around now, and I thought why not? Gives me a chance to see all of ya'all's pretty stuff~
Might be a little long on the way seeing as I leave for two weeks for England tomorrow, oh well. And a proper cosplay/art update will follow at some time... 8D;

- - - - - - - - - -

1. For each of the 15 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

- - - - - - - - - -

1. :iconthelupin: ~ She both draws and cosplays like I don't even :heart: All of you should go check out her gallery!
:: Kung Fu Fighting American :: by TheLupin    :: TWISTED JANE :: by TheLupin    - Samurai Champloo - by TheLupin

2. :icondead82:
Bioshock Phantom Big Sister by dead82   :thumb291180975:    Gir is BATMAN by dead82
(GIR AND BATMAN IN ONE kjhiphaæjaguehlaeygblahg)

3. :iconkelevarcosplay:
:thumb216661533:    PH: Jack Vessalius by KelevarCosplay    Vocaloid: Graffiti by KelevarCosplay

4. :iconsillizicuni:  ~ You should SO go check out her gallery for more, I would feature it all if I could :heart:
Grell - Death! by Sillizicuni    Gazing. by Sillizicuni    Joker - 'Welcome to Noah's Ark Circus' by Sillizicuni

5. :iconmelonjam:
Clumsy  But Charming by melonjam    .+::Rose Garden::+. by melonjam    .+:: SS: Summer Spirit::+. by melonjam

6. :iconkasanaru-kage:
Kasanaru Kage: Friends... by Kasanaru-Kage    Little Red Riding Hood by Kasanaru-Kage    Kasanaru Kage: Naruto and Hinata by Kasanaru-Kage

7. :iconawacko:
In the name of the Samurai by aWacko    Swagger by aWacko    Red Arrow by aWacko

8. :iconporalizer:
Morning smooches by Poralizer    tumblr req - Natsuo and Youji by Poralizer    through the elements of rhythm by Poralizer

9. :iconhachitaki:
AoH: Living forest exam collab by Hachitaki    CH: Mary Copperfield by Hachitaki    Teabath by Hachitaki

10. :iconeaster-centaur:
The boy who cried Wolf by Easter-Centaur    An abyss of precious time by Easter-Centaur    Afternoon nap by Easter-Centaur   

11. :iconsiregglington:
HETALIA: Trick and Treat by SirEgglington   Untitled (Rebel Photoshoot) #2 by SirEgglington   :thumb263303825:





Let the art be spread :heart:
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So long time no update right? (totally just doing this because I do not want to write on my final assignment for humanistic since class)

I know that I promised some photo shoots WAY back in January and so far only uploaded one picture from the shoot. But silly as me and my cosplay partner was, we forgot how cold it tends to be in Denmark.
It is slowly warming up so I hope to take around 4 costumes out for their own proper shoots though. So please just have patience with me, I promise to pose extra good as compensation!

Current projects:
I have almost finished my costume for SVS con and just stuck with trying to figure out what to wear the other days... Oh the pain of a cosplayer.
And on the side I am working on my DesuCon costume (Serah Farron if you forgot that), and so far she looks really good. I am considering making a cosplay blog, where I would just update more frequently with WIP pictures and stuff.... I will let you know what happens with that thought. (Might happen sooner than expected, I seriously do not feel like doing that assignment.)

On the drawing side I am working on some Hunger Games fanart as a gift for my little sister and I will probably also upload it here. And expect some Tokyo Girls Destruction fanart too, Burachi has stolen my heart and I have lately taken a liking to drawing female anatomy.

Future projects:
Most of them are really uncertain, but so far I know I will be doing Mephisto in his True Cross uniform. I have the wig, fabric and basic boots that I want to use so I basically just need the time to sow him. I will also do a Camille from Little Nemo in Slumberland cosplay this summer, and hopefully also get started/finish Kitty Pryde from X-Men Evolution. I try to finish these three before I have to leave for my study trip to Japan.
Over there, well, I MIGHT be able to sow a little, at least I hope so. And I will do some shopping for future cosplays (Burachi ofc, and also my blue dream <3).
I also hope to actually just start the planning of a costume I will do in a little under two years time (yes planning ahead much but this costume had my heart at first sight), but only time will tell if I actually get started on that one.

Life stuff:
Things are running quite smoothly again. In March I lost one of my biggest sources of inspiration in regards of almost every aspect of my life, and that sat me back quite a lot, but I am in the lucky situation that I got the best girlfriend KamiRenee and really good friends I could talk to. So now I guess life just carries on normally. - But this has actually made me more passionate about cosplaying because now I kinda do it to honor that person. (Serah will probably end up dedicated to that person in my mind)

Otherwise I look forward to late May because there my classes end, and then I can actually have a life again! Woop woop!
And I am slowly getting more and more pumped about going to Japan and study for five months. I am planning to attend at least one cosplay event too, if I can find somebody to take me.

If any of you reading this will be at SVS con next month and want to meet me/talk to me, please just come and say hi! why? because I really want to talk to more people and make a lot of friends, so come say hi! (I am serious, LET ME LOVE YOU)
- I might seem confused at first but that is because I normally live alone in a cave (also known as my room)

Guess I cannot really pros-pone writing my paper anymore... Boo boo :C
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This weekend I will go on some long overdue photo shoots! :la:
I will be bringing Meiko, Scarlet Demon ver., Madame Red and some casual semi canon Gian Carlo. This will be the first time having my pictures taken by Zuum and KamiRenee ... I am a little nervous because I either pose like a dream or a sack of potatoes XD But hopefully they will turn out great, because I really want to show off my costumes!

Other than that I made a pattern for Serah today, just the basic inner dress (/the only thing that really counts as clothing regarding this costume). I should probably had started on Mephisto but... well I dread the collar on his jacket because I never really understood how to sow them on properly ^^; But I might get a REALLY good sowing reference book next month if I can afford it.

The 30th University classes starts again. I am looking forward to it because I feel so lazy just hanging around at home playing with the dog and writing kanji XD;

Other fun things:
- I have read about... 20+ horror mangas this past month.
- It impossible to find green non shiny spandex/lycra in Denmark :C (Danes reading this; where the f can I find this? D: Should I bite the bullet and get some from
- I am really all around happy with my life right now (and bored out of my mind, but very happy none the less)

Just a short journal so you know I will actually soon upload SOMETHING.
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So right now I am having a class free period, so I am taking my sweet sweet time practicing kanji and watching anime, because when you study Japanese, anime is a totally legit form of conversation exercise. (R/N I am watching Tiger and Bunny. I -really- like Blue Rose.. FUUU)
Well anyways, I just wanted to round up my cosplay year a little.

In February I started my second semester at uni. It feels like ages ago when I think about it... It was in this month I went to Okashii. I stayed with my lovely 'little sister' :iconflybike: together with the rest of Retardos Unite. This was so much fun, I DUN EVEN. I also cosplayed Youji again together with my cute cute cute Natsuo :iconporalizer:, and I really look forward to cosplaying with her again! I also briefly talked with :iconchikaradesu: because we planned to cosplay together at SVS.
Panty made decent progress in the following months, and I got to start A LITTLE on my biggest project so far, the Rin Kagamine dress. In between cons, I also got a confession I did not see coming. Luckily I was clever enough to see when something amazing was presenting itself to me, and I started dating the fantastic girl, who would later become my girlfriend.

At SVS I roomed with most of Retardos Unite, :iconEster-Centaur: was living in another room. This made space for the lovely ChikaraDesu to come hang in the cave and eat pizza with us. Once again I met a person who would have a TREMENDOUS influence in my life. It was a overwhelming experience cosplaying with her and Flybike as Panty, Stocking and Breifs. The feedback on our costumes were amazing, and is was just a very special experience cosplaying with a group (how ever small it was) that I just wanted to hang out with ALL day :heart:
I actually got a little sad when this con ended, but then again; I had formed a new friendship that just grew so close in such a short time.

In between SVS and Genki I pretty much spend all my time on Rin, seeing :iconkamirenee: to practice our act, and go on vacation with my family. I also sew my Gian Carlo cosplay, but I am not really sure if I like cosplaying him. I have a hard time crossplaying because I feel my face just ruins everything :C

So finally Genki came around. Over all this was a con with a lot of firsts. First convention with Kami as my girlfriend, first time I seriously compeated in a cosplay contenst, FIRST TIME I WON (btw, the act can be seen here:… ) and the first time I went to MacD in a crinoline XD;; All in all it was a very fun convention, even though we missed one Retardo whom had to attend a wedding :C

After this, the real stress began. Kami and I had planned yet another show and since it was for J-popcon, it HAD to be proper - everything from the act to our costumes had to be perfect! Besides my chest armor behaving like a little whiny teenager everything went pretty good. (First kiss on stage btw). I honestly cannot remember that much from this convention. I just remember being very tired and missing just hanging out with people like at SVS or Genki.

so what will the next year bring? Well hopefully at least 5 new costumes, seeing as I am working on them right now (or just outlining how I sorta want to construct them), 4 new photo shoots and some video footage.
I hope I will forge even closer bounds with the people I already know, and get to talk with a lot of new people too. I really do not know how much more I want to write about my future plans though, seeing as they might change a lot.
I just hope this new year will be filled with the laughs of my friends and a lot of new challenges (purple facial hair will be one of them).

I am not a big new years resolution person, but this year I want to have one. I cannot really define it, but it is something my friends are already doing for me, I just need to accept it more.


And completely unrelated:

I got a World Cosplay account;
I do not know how much I will use it, but I prefer it over, seeing as it does not convert pictures into something that looks like it was snapped with a webcam.
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So I have been meaning to write a journal for about a week now, but last week was crazy with just getting over J-popcon, and I got sick as hell this week. I have been home from Uni for three days, my FIRST sick days so far during the last three semesters in Uni. I am hoping to go tomorrow because I get really REALLY bored when I am sick.
Oh and ofc I am writing this journal in stead of writing on my assignment on Yôkai. You know the drill.

So in short, because most of my watchers are Danes and have heard about J-popcon from EVERYBODY:
It was great. I did not finish Alto, my Sheryl was cute as hell though so I will survive, Meiko makes me look like a box but I am still kinda proud of her, duct-tape fixes EVERYTHING, my eyes cannot take lenses atm, the con over all was much better than last year, dealer room was amazing, people where fun, venue sill crap though - if I was not in the show, I would SO not have paid, sorry but I would not.
AND ALL THE RIGHT GROUPS WON! Fuuuu I am so happy and proud of you all! ;w; :heart:

I also got the sad news that Okashii con got cancelled this year, boo boo, but life goes on.
I am currently trying to figure out Serah Ferron's pendant, armbands and earrings, and hating every second of it. (I hate making concept outlines n' the likes, but I need to draw things in order to figure out what the hell to do)
And just waiting until I get more money so I can buy fabric and get cracking on her, Mephisto and Black Cat. (Oh yeah, and buy some Christmas Presents too)

And life is treating me okay, despite me being sick and bored. But at least I think I am one of the only people in my social studies class whom has begun on the assignment and have written 7 pages AND have them read through by a teacher.

And I have started to read The Little White Bird; or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens by J. M. Barrie. His language is AMAZING, the way he paints with his words and lines them up in such a playful and refreshing manner, it is really captivating. But then again, he is writing in one of my absolute favorite historical periods, so I am probably kinda braised.

New con plan and possible costumes:
Svs Con (Herning)
    - Arty
Desu Con (Oslo)
   - Serah Ferron, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Leia, Star Wars, Slave girl bikini.
Genki Con (Roskilde)
   - Mepisto Yukata? - Pokémon B/W female trainer - Leia, Star Wars, Slave girl bikini.
J-pop Con (CPH) (I am still not sure if I wanna go or not, guss time will tell)
   - Black Cat?, - Mephisto Principal/Clown Outfit.

ALSO: I am really in doubt weather or not I should try to upload some drawings. Drawing is a kinda personal way of just reliving myself of too much energy. So maybe I will upload some later on, but I am still debating weather or not it is a good idea.

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So just a quick one before I go to bed.

University have been crazy lately and with cosplay on top of that I really did not have time for updating anywhere.
So since Genki I have turned 20 aaaand... then I went to Germany with my family some weeks ago. That is about it, when not considering what I did at Uni or time spend on making cosplay.

I hope to finish my Meiko, Scarlet Demon ver this week actually! Kami came by this weekend, and we really got a lot done! Tomorrow I will paint my sword thingy when I get home and hopefully also finish my chest and back decorations. And start on my socks (I really do not want to do them :C)
I have not started on Alto yet, but if I get the next weekend off from studying, I might be able to make him. Otherwise he will have to deal with being a closet cosplay for now.

And after Alto my cosplay year is officially at an end!

SO NEXT YEARS PLANS! (That I will sow, I really hope to use some of my other cosplays a little this year too XD)
Artemis Crock (Young Justice) Okashii-con
Ace, Human + Genderbend (Batman) Okashii-con
Serah Ferron (Final Fantasy XIII-2) Desu-con
Mephisto Pheles (Ao no Exorcist) Desu-con + Genki
Kitty Pride (X-men Evolution) ??
Black Cat (Spiderman) ?? (I will make her this year I promise)

But I still do not know if I should make his 'classic' principal costume (the clown costume) first, or the Order of the True Cross uniform (long pants, less clowny). The last one will be easier to transport to Norway, but then again. I have half a year to sow it... Fuu my life you gais, so many decisions!

And now I will go to bed. I have to get up early and study for my first test this semester. Translation and grammatical analysis this Wednesday, YES! so not ready

(Now that I got a manga reader on my iPhone, send me a message if you find something I *MUST* read, right now I am reading Karnival and then DOGS, and then I will be out of reading material when I am waiting for my train)
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So as many of my other Danish cosplay friends, I have just attended Genki 2011.
And I will write a report because I need to get the con out of my system XD

This will be a summary of what I did from Tuesday till today 8D

:iconporalizer: came to my place in the evening and we had the fun times getting ice cream in the middle of the night and showing her my show costume, that I finished a week before the con 8D

I got my grandfather to drive us to my girl :iconkamirenee:'s place, and there we spend some time practicing our skit and the dance we would do for the intro show. I got a peek of her costumes and they all looked SO pretty >w<

Another day of doing not so much with Sasha. While Kami was at work, we watched the first episode of Sherlock and I really liked it 8D So I will watch the other episodes I think. We also started to watch a let's play of Silent Hill 4 the Room (that I have seen all of 4 times already, and still find ever so funny). Kami came home at about 3 and we practiced the act for the first time in our costumes! It was amazing and I got so excited that I could almost not sleep :C So I laid in bed with Sasha for a long time just talking, so cozy ~

Friday, con day 1
Sasha got up like really early to go to Roskilde, but I still manged to sleep till about 9. Kami came and woke me up, best way to start the day~ At around 10 or so :iconflybike: and Lisa (I am not stalking her DA yet XD) came to the house and we all got ready for the con. Me and Kami dressed up as Rin and Len Kagamine in some artwork inspired closet cosplay for the opening show that we would do together with :iconzuum: as Gakupo.
When we got to Roskilde (After a LOOOOOOONG bus trip) the area in front of the convention was kinda crowded, and it was around 2ish and we had to be ready to preform at 4 at the opening show. Kami and I got in fairly quickly when we explained the situation to the staff and we got our armbands. Zuum had to be at her little brother's birthday so she would hurry and come later so she could be in the show to. OR SO WE THOUGHT
Because of the LONG line, the opening show got pushed back to 8, where Zumm was supposed to munch on cake and Kami and I had to go to the cosplay meeting, so we did not get to preform at the opening show for the last time (it is simply a little to much for our schedules to handle, so no more opening show paras)
So Kami and I just drifted a little around until the meeting. We spend a lot of time in the artist ally just talking to our friends, as you do at a con.
After the meeting we went outside. We stood there for like... 15 minutes or so talking to a friend and then my legs started to ich like HELL. I had gotten 10 mosquito bites T____T It really sucks, because my legs makes mosquito bites look like bruises atm... But luckily I was not showing legs this weekend XD
We took the train home and pretty much went straight to bed.

Saturday, con day 2
Kami and I got up really early to get everything ready, make up, roses and so forth. We kinda stressed but it was nice to sit in the bus just chilling. When we got to the con I just stored the tables leaning against Kamis suitcase with our costumes in it. When we had to move on, I was too slow to catch the tables so one of the vases we glued on to them fell off and smashed against the floor!!!! Luckily it was Kami's vase and she was the servant, so it would make sense that she did not have a vase but still... I kinda stressed a little over it, trying to get another vase but in the end I think it worked out okay.
After our sound check Kami and I put on our costumes (Rin and Len Kagamine in a Servant of Evil version) and we went to the artist ally to drop off our stuff. After I ate two bananas, :iconzRikuintheDarkx: came running saying we had to go to the backstage room, unless we wanted to be disqualified!! So we kinda had to drop everything we had in our hands and run down to the backstage area. I got a little confused because we were told to meet in there at 12, and this was at 11:30 :C But we did not get disqualified so I guess it was okay XD
It was so boring sitting down there.... There was not much to do, but we got to talk with some of the other groups. Then I discovered that I had forgotten my shawl for Rin, and Kami got Zuum to fetch it for us. I love you so hard for that dear ;w; <3 <3 <3
And then the moment came when we had to go on stage. Because of the large number of Vocaloid groups (many of them being Rin and Len) we really got a bad feeling from the audience when we were announced, until they said our team name and our friends cheered us on. If they had not cheered for us, I think I would have done such a shitty job, because everybody sounded so bored about Vocaloid :C On the stage, I think I have been at a diffident show, and I really do not remember much besides not being able to hear ANY reaction what so ever from the audience and our lights got a little mixed up (they turned it on WAY to late in the beginning). The lighting was generally a bit off... We just needed them to turn it on and off with a fade effect, but they still threw spot light on us at the end :C…
Here is a recording of our act from Youtube, thank you who ever you are <3 (the only one I can find at the present  time XD)
After the show we went out to all of our friends. They were so sweet and Aybike was in tears like big time! I got so touched that people liked our act, because to be honest, we had got a lot of "oh you are gonna be so boring because you are doing vocaloid" looks when we told people who we were going to be.
After half an hour we sat in the hall again to hear the winners get announced.
And guess what

WE GOT CROWD FAVORITE!!!! A effing VOCALOID ACT got crowd favorite! When I got on stage I almost cried of happiness, it was such an amazing feeling getting an award for the first serious act I preformed. And as an even better bonus I got to kiss my beautiful Len back stage <3 I am so grateful she went up on stage with me, and made the experience so amazing.

The rest of the day with with getting our pictures taken a lot, getting something to eat and a wig break at MacDonalds, and then getting out of our cosplays XD
It was just such an amazing feeling to win something, but I still has not really sunken in yet XD
And congratulations to the other groups who won, all of them so deserved it!! (We were so busy cheering for them, we did not quite get we had won anything when they said our name XD)

Sunday, con day 3
We got up early today again because I thought the con ended at 4 instead of 6 XD This day I was Gian Carlo from Lucky Dog 1 and Kami was Ivan from the same game. We got to the con and watched the craftsmanship show/cat walk. I was disappointed by my fellow audience members for NOT making all the noise the walk on people deserved! :C
After the show we wanted to get something to eat, and Kami told me she wanted to change -something-(THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER). I was waiting with Zuum, and she started to film me in order to find the right setting on her camera to make a cosplay video from the con. And now all you dear watchers will know how slow I am: It did NOT occur to me Zumm had not made any recordings of other cosplayers that day, it did not occur to me she was moving me around on purpose, positioning me and I did not notice how happy :iconmirazie: got when I handed her my camera. Why you now ask, is this important?
Kami was pulling a prank on me. A MEAN ONE :C
Revenge for me teasing her at SVS con.

She changed from Ivan to Bernando!!!! Fuuuuu
I had been like "please let there not be a Bernando at Genki" because he is like a super seme manly man and well, Gian Carlo is not.. It is bad enough I had a Ivan! XD I got so surprised I dun even. Zuum recorded the whole thing and Miraze took some pictures. I must admit, my girlfriend makes one sexy Bernando. So I really did not mind at aaaaall~ nom nom nom
The rest of the day went with me going "ohmigoshyouaresosweettodothishoney" (I have a thing for people remembering stuff I have said and actually doing something related to it. And come on, pulling something like that shows she really put a lot of thought into it. She is just so sweet <3333333 - sorry, I mean, I am like cool and all, this does not face me at all. 'CEPT IT MAKES ME FEEL ALL GIDDY AND STUFF... And she was like really hot as him (not that she is not hot at any other given time too~)) and just talking with friends. I went home with the others and decided to stay for one more day.

Kami woke me at around 9 and Aybike got up half an hour later. Then we talked a little and got brunch. Kami brought a collection of movies featuring Samuel L. Jackson. I wanted to see the Excorsist 3. Samuel L. Jackson was in it for like 20 seconds! And it is the worst movie I have ever seen!!! XD But I was really fun watching it wish Kami and Aybike~ After that I got sick and spend most of the comedy with Samuel L. Jackson half sleeping half finding out how to get home. We got pizza for dinner and I got home 7:30. My grandfather drowe me, yay!
Gosh I am so tired now, I cannot really find energy to do much, and this week will be my most stressful one D: darn it.

This next weekend I am going to Aalborg to have a shoot by :iconzarsu: with :iconchikaradesu: in our Panty and Stocking cosplay. I really cannot wait to see my DamianSuperRobs again, I really missed her at this con! D:

So this is my novel journal for today~

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So this last weekend I went to Norway to attend DesuCon!

We were invited by the organizers to represent Genki at the convention and :iconzuum: filmed a little for a video for Genki :D
So now I will just do a little diary section writing about the trip and convention.

I met up with :iconkamirenee:, :iconadlezaxel: and :iconzuum: at the central station about half ten in the evening.
Our bus departed right on time and the drive was okay, at least for the most part ^^;

We arrived really early in the morning and got some morning coffee/hot drinks. We had to wait until three o'clock before we could get into our rooms. It was a kinda hard wait, but :iconkamirenee: showed us a little of Oslo. It is quite a stunning city. I really wish to go back and spend some more time (and actually being awake). And with some more money too, because Norway is expensive D:
At three we met up with two 'chiefs' from DesuCon, and they showed us the way to our hostel.
:iconkamirenee: and I also went to see one of her friends, but unfortunately we missed each other. So we went back to the room and relaxed a little (I had to warm my joints, they hurt SO BAD when they get really cold). After that we went back to the convention halls to filming and just getting familiar with the premises. It was such a great convention place with nice big halls and an amazing showroom!
When we got back to the room we ate a little pizza and I went to sleep a little sick, but I always get like that after a long time on the road XD;

We got awoken an hour early by the people we shared a room with, but luckily we had went to bed early so it did not matter that much. The convention opened at 12 and we actually got ready for it in time. :iconkamirenee:, :iconadlezaxel: and :iconzuum: cosplayed from Kingdom Hearts as Roxas, normal Sora and anti-form Sora, and I cosplayed Anarchy Panty in her angel form. When we got to the convention like 10 to 12, I discovered I had forgotten my shoes! So I had to run back to our hotel to get them. Fortunately I did not use that much time on getting back and forth so I did not really miss anything. We got our VIP passes quite fast and went to watch what we thought would be an opening show, but it was a fashion show instead XD; It was okay, nothing that really made that of an big impression on me except a few girls who looked really good!
After that we mainly walked around and got our pictures taken. There was quite a lot of people who took our pictures and it was really awesome meeting the Norwegian cosplayers and con attendees. They were a little different from the Danish crowd, because they were really happy all the time, like... I dun even. It is hard to describe, but the over all vibe of the con was really friendly and energetic!
At around 5 we went back to our room to change into our party costumes and eat dinner. Me and :iconkamirenee: teamed up as Panty and Manty (male Panty), just some closet cosplay that we could dance in. The disco itself was not as I expected because there was a lot of competitions in the middle that stopped the party groove from really happening, but getting to dance with my three awesome friends was kinda worth it. Also seeing all the other people rock out was pretty fun! :D
When we got back we had to pack what we could for Sunday because we had to check out at 11.

We got up at half eight, and started to get ready, maybe to the annoyance for our other roomies, but oh well. Me and :iconkamirenee: once more teamed up as Rin and Len in some black tux ish outfits. It was kinda nice to not get stopped all the time and asked for a picture xD This was also the big cosplay competition day, and we saw a lot of different costumes. :iconzuum: filmed a whole bunch of people and I cannot wait to see the result. :iconadlezaxel: talked with a bunch of people, and I kinda mooched off her and got to talk to them too. One of the really nice people we met was :iconsillizicuni: who wore just an amazing Joker cosplay from Kuroshitsuji. She finished it almost moments before the competition, and she also got second place for it. Seriously, if you think my Madame Red was well crafted, it got nothing on her Joker!
The competition it self was quite different from what I thought it would be! Here in Denmark we have either a catwalk or a skit show. This was divided into two rounds, where we only choose to see the second one, that would feature the ten best from round one. I got a quick glance at round one when passing through the dealer room, and it looked like a combination of a catwalk and a really small skit/just telling who on earth you are and from where you came from. (I do not know if this was how the entire first round went because I only saw like 30 seconds of it). Round two was almost like an live craft evaluation on stage and with then really small bits of skits. It was to be honest a little boring to see, but then again, I did not understand that much of the Norwegian speakers. But there were also some who spoke in English, so that was nice :D There also was this Joker from Batman the Dark Knight. The ones that know me, know I am EXTREAMLY picky about Batman cosplayers because it is my biggest and oldest fandom, but this guy... seriously I have no words! His costume was just perfect right down to the socks and he moved AND talked like the Joker did! I dun even... He also won most in character and then did the whole "you wanna know how I got these scars" bit. I JIZZED SO HARD; just sayin'
The con ended at around eight and our bus would leave at 22:50, so we had a lot of extra time. We got permission to stay at the con, but we had to flash our VIP badges A LOT then, because of staffers trying to empty the halls XD; I changed into civilian like the other girls and then we saw :iconsillizicuni: again. She did not recognize us at first when we waved, but then again; how many people can recognize each other when you have only seen the person in full cosplay? XD It was nice to talk a little more with her before we had to head for the train station.
Where the bus ride of hell began.

Reasons it was craptastic;
- Bus was broken, but we still drowe around 5 hours in it.
- Almost everybody in the bus was listening to music, weather they wanted or not because some just HAD to listen to it really high.
- The people behind us kept pushing our seats. If you asked nicely if I could raise my seat a little, sure. JUST DO NOT PUSH AND EXPECT ME TO READ YOUR MIND
- We had to change in the middle of the night, and I had just really reached the "dead to the world" stage of sleeping.
- In the new bus I could not sit with :iconkamirenee: and had to sit with a stranger because huuur duurh when you travel alone and you one way or another HAVE to have a person sitting next to you, of cause insist on splitting up a couple. Retards (sorry but I got so angry, they stole time with my girl from me goddammit :C)
- The man next to me sat with his legs so spread out, I had like half a seat to myself
- Then he leaned up against the window and ALMOST SAT ON MY LAP :C (NO PAH KIN dude)
- And the tard next to Kami laid his head on her shoulder. (That should have been my head. Rage was had)

So at Helsingborg the dude next to me got off and I was reunited with Kami :heart:

I am still quite annoyed when thinking about that bus trip, but that was mostly due to the other people around me. I consider myself a polite traveler who also try to make sure other people are having a nice ride, pisses me off when they act all selfish.

BUT besides bus ride from almost hell, this was probably one of the best cons I have ever been too!
Of cause I missed my Stocking and Breifs a lot, but I cannot have it all.

Update of DOOM

Friday I am going to get more fabric for my Rin, cannot wait to finish her :heart:
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I got one yesterday.
Already following all kinds of crap.
There. There is is. Result of ultimate boredom yesterday.

Now I am watching Aladdin on Playhouse Disney, you know that tv series? I love it so hard.

Tomorrow I am going to Norway.
And I finally got Macross Frontier the Movie; the False Diva, so now I got something more to spend my time on 8D
And I will be watching Aoi no Exocist. And then maybe some more of Rosario + Vampire seeing that it is my favorite manga and I kinda fail for not having seen the anime...  XD

Yeah all this just to tell you guys I have tumblr.
Throw me a link to yours so I can follow you :heart: